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Why the Gate and Road to Perdition is Wide, Well-Paved and Falsely Posted

Why the Gate and Road to Perdition is Wide, Well-Paved and Falsely Posted

Jesus preached that the gate and road to perdition is wide, well-paved, smartly adorned and well sign-posted to be the way to heaven. He said that there are many who travel it to perdition. It is the road of local culture, religion and the learned traditions of men. These traditions are most often laid down in laws, rules, ordinance and the “divine” doctrines of religion.

For the diverse Christian communities, and everybody else, this road to perdition is well laid out and falsely sign-posted by the scriptures of the Old Testament and the doctrines of the other major religions in the world. Whatever man knows about physical reality, heavenly spirit, and the minds of men lead to perdition.

The Old Testament scriptures and the god authorizing it, for instance, are part of the system that surely hides the narrow and almost indistinguishable gate and trail that lead to true redemption and true reality.

Why would Jesus preach that there are two gates when he already is expounding the means of attaining the narrow gate and trail? If Jesus’ preaching and teaching were effective as Christians say it is why make the distinction at all.

This, here, is for Christians so enamored with the Old Testament. Jesus said, “The Law of Moses and the writings of the prophets were in effect up to the time of John the Baptist; since then the Good News about the Kingdom of God is being told, and everyone is forcing his way in.” John the Baptist was the last true servant of the Old Testament.

It became obsolete with John’s death. Since then the Good news of Jesus’ inner teaching have taken its place. There are two gates. The Old Testament is one of the avenues to the broad and well appointed way to hell. Jesus’ true inner message, the one concealed through parables and metaphors, is the narrow path.

I hate to quote the Bible but here is one you should remember. Matthew 10, verse 27; “What I am telling you in the dark (in secret) that speak in the light, out in the open.” Jesus spoke in secret to cover up the narrow path. His parables and metaphors were part of such secret talk in dark corners. He says that if you can penetrate through the darkness of my speech you must shout these revelations from the rooftops. So Jesus, in a manner, spoke with, what the Indians refer to, a forked tongue. He told some people one thing and others other things. Present-day “rooftops” is the internet.

Jesus spread a mixed or dual message. In secret he revealed another god than he preached in public. In public he was the supposed Messiah and he had to fulfill the requirements of that foretold Messiah as good as possible; and yet bring to light the true spiritual message for which he came among us. Jesus, thus, preached about dual gates all the way from the beginning of his mission.

Even Jesus helped hide that narrow gate and path because he guards that way so that the wolves cannot enter. What also hides the true and narrow gate is that whatever man considers of value is as nothing in the true god’s (and the true believers’) sight. What is more important and valuable to man than his own physical life?

To the true god physical life and physical existence in general mean nothing because these are based on the belief of a spiritual lie. Jesus preached much about the non-value of physical life; yet everybody, and every Christian, still place value on human life. The Old Testament concerns itself solely with physical life. Devout physical life is the most precious thing in the Old Testament. Jesus did away with the Old Testament.

To Jesus, Human life is not about showing mercy and aid to the poor etc. He does not rule out the helping of others but it is of no concern for one’s true spiritual redemption. Redemption holds in that one holds one’s own life without value but, yet, show kindness to those who cannot have the true inner spiritual message. Kindness holds in that one knows what others savoring physical life need. Thus a universal and spiritual rule states that one should always treat others as one would like to be treated.

After Jesus’ mission and his admonition to the apostles and disciples to spread the good news why mention the wide and well paved route to perdition? Is that not negative talk by which he countered his own efforts to spread the truth? It is not according to the rules and precepts of propaganda and indoctrination. Propaganda most often will not recognize the way and means of the opposition. The prevailing propaganda system and religion in Judea were the Old Testament scriptures and the society and culture built up around it.

Jesus, as man (as distinguished from his pure and true spirit), was too severally caught in the snares of the religious and cultural traditions and taboos, to be able to speak too frankly. His mission would be aborted before he could expand enough time to expound the meaning and truth of his true message. He might have been stoned to death before he could spread his message. There simply was no way for him to block that prevailing false route. The prevailing authorities have too much power to spread lies that the people believe and too much power to condemn to death they seriously oppose.

I believe the reason for this is that soul associated with man must have a free choice to discern and accept Jesus’ true message and the message falsely imputed by religious authority to be that of Jesus. The learned and the authorities of science and religion prepare and lay out the mental attitude for most non-inquisitive souls.

Only the freaks of mind in our midst, such as I, can find the truth of Jesus’ true message because these freaks somehow have been able to consider all religious and cultural knowledge and understanding to be spiritually worthless. Every man and woman must make their own choice of what they think heaven and the truth are.

This problem as to what is the spiritual truth and what the spiritual lie can only have been created originally by the telling of a lie by one entity and the belief of that lie by other entities. If we never had believed the original lie, there could never be a choice of realities at all. Ever since souls believed in the original lie all such deceived souls can recognize as truth is that lie and a plethora of sets other of lies because men loves lies (clever propaganda) more than truth.

Both Jehovah and what we understand to be the devil (Jehovah’s adversary) are part of the universal system of reality. These two (Jehovah and the devil) have nothing to do with what Jesus came to teach us. They, together, are the enforcers of the virtual scheme which we know as physical reality.

In fact, these two stand together to prevent Jesus’ true message from finding sterilized fertile soil in human minds altogether. These two keep on sowing tares among the wheat. They, together, form a dichotomy of good and evil in the universal setting to which most humanity will give ear, thus preventing the real dichotomy of true spirit versus false spirit (true god verses a lying false god) to be discerned at all.

Jesus’ purpose was to make his disciples realize that they must abandon everything they knew about reality, religion, culture and physical awareness. He even said that his disciples had to become like infants all over again so that only on the blank and sterilized slate of memory and understanding so created his message could draw roots.

Christianity has never become like a little infant but was furthered by people very much indoctrinated by the religious and cultural traditions of men learned in the sophistries of physical reality. The field was not plowed, harrowed and sterilized at all. Human minds were never sterilized of all previous knowledge and understanding. Children are actually taught to encompass physical reality as the only reality extant.

The Roman Catholic Church is a shining example of a field of minds sown tight with tares with a few seeds of wheat planted in between. The Muslim religion on the other hand is a field that contains only tare and brambles. Both religions are based on books of the Old Testament.

This is what Jesus meant when he related the parable of the weeds in the field. He said, “A man (Jesus) sowed good seeds in a field. One night when everyone was asleep (not watching and taking diligent care), an enemy sowed weeds among the good seeds and went away. When the plants grew and the heads of seeds began to form then the weeds showed up as well…”

This parable is related to 2 events. The first was how Adam and Woman were betrayed by the serpent to abandon their real and true god and to follow the deceiver into a realm of fiction based on the lies they believed- -the physical universe. Is the spirit in Jesus as god of paradise admitting to not having been watchful and diligent in caring for Adam and Woman so they could be deceived by the serpent?

The second event is playing itself off right through history after Jesus’ death to the present and into the future. The Old Testament overshadows in all respect Jesus’ teaching so that Jesus’ teaching has been made of no consequence and effect.

This is the state of almost all humanity along its route to perdition- -and this route very much includes the Christian flows of religion because all Christian religious flows continue to see Jehovah (the serpent) as the true god. Jesus, however, in his true message said that his father was never before known on earth (the universe). This statement eliminates Jehovah as the true father of Jesus.

Jesus also said that the (spiritual) father of humanity is a lair and a murderer from the beginning- -who else could be this character but the deceiving and murdering serpent who had slain Adam and Woman by the power of his deceitful tongue?

Adam, Woman and all their offspring are still in the grip of these murdering lies believed. Human souls literally exist in Hades, the spiritual underworld; and they are caught there until they realize their error of believing anybody else but their true god and then repent of the lies accepted in the field of their minds.

Jesus told these parables because Jesus observed how his own apostles and disciples reacted to his teaching. These people could only understand his teaching in any other manner but by assuming that his teachings recognized Jehovah as the true god and Jesus’ father.

Jesus, in fact, was teaching the exact opposite. His crucial message was that his father and god had to be found in an altogether different direction- -a direction that was supposed to lead the mind beyond the mental and physical perimeters of the universe and its god.

Jesus taught that the system, culture and the god who pronounced these scriptures were the way to perdition. Man was to look in an altogether different direction to find the narrow path; a path that had nothing much to do with the Old Testament scriptures, other than what Jesus specifically spoke about and taught.

If you cannot see Jesus as pure spirit and true god, you have a spiritual problem on your hand. It is said that the spirit in Jesus is higher than all authorities extant. We know that Jehovah is an authority- -he proved that abundantly in the Old Testament. The spirit in Jesus is higher beyond our comprehension than Jehovah. The spirit in Jesus is not of this world, not a part of this universe and he is not in Jehovah’s jurisdiction- -at least not after his ascension.

We can thus be sure that the god of the Old Testament is not the god Jesus came to earth to reveal. Why would Jesus reveal a god that is well known already? That would be nothing new under the sun; however Jesus came to reveal a god never known in the universe because this god simply is not part of, nor the creator of the physical universe.

All the clever gadgetry of modern life also helps ensnare the greater bulk of humanity into the path to eternal death- -irrevocable existence of soul mind in a virtual reality without a way back out of it.

Somewhere in the Bible it is prophesied that in the end times knowledge will increase greatly. Knowledge has indeed increased whether seen from a scientific point of view or from a spiritual point of view as I have outlined in my book “The Truth About Reality- -beyond God and Religion”. This part of prophesy proved to be correct. We can assume that the other part of prophesy is correct also. We exist in the end times. Now what?