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Web Design And Development Company Principles On Making A Great Website

Web Design And Development Company Principles On Making A Great Website

How is a company introduced to a new user – through the website. How does a business educate its potential patrons – through the website. How is an organisation capable of generating more sales leads – through the website. In short, a website is the most valuable asset for every marketer in every firm. It is the reach point for clients and consumers. It is the touch point for visitor converts.

Therefore, designing and maintaining a website is no small feat. It has to be compelling and engaging. Below are discussed four design ideologies that, when implemented, can genuinely create a boost in the profit margin of the business and give a healthy head start when compared with competitors.

  • Upsurge Landing Pages

Survey statistics prove that when the number of landing pages is increased, there is more than 50% increase in lead generation. Therefore, when building a responsive web design, it is important to have landing pages that generate value to the reader or viewer. The implication being to give the user more convertible content offers and not just options.

Creating one or two landing pages is not the need of the hour. The present scenario demands websites that have 10 or even 15 pages that provide content through which the user can be converted. The marketing strategy is fundamental – more conversion opportunities equate to a higher probability of contacts turning into customers.

This particular stratagem is applicable for both business to consumer and business to business sites.

  • Place Personalised CTAs

The hallmark of a great website is its ability to change a visitor into a lead and finally a user. And every company worth its salt acknowledges that blog posts are reliable avenues to attracting new visitors. But how do blogs pick a visitor and change them into a consistent user? The answer lies with CTAs.

Therefore, the next principle of designing websites is to have blog posts that have CTA attached to it. The point to bear in mind at this junction is to not put a generic call to action button that asks for a subscription to the blog. Make the CTA personalised; when the right call to action is presented to the appropriate users, conversion rates upsurge.

An ideal example is a smart CTA that offers a free download of an eBook to a new visitor but a free ranking assessment to a lead. To two different people, two differing CTA are presented. This tailoring ups the probability of converts.

The gist is to have a CTA on all blog posts and keep them bespoke.

  • Germane Conversions Buttons

Placing conversion points that are relevant to the page or post is pivotal to reliable websites that affect bottom lines positively. It is also the strategy which is employed incorrectly, regularly. An example explains this tactic better.

Say a business owner posts an article that talks about social media marketing, and methods to leveraging it. At the end of the post is CTA which can be used to download secret tips to SMO, the chances of a visitor using it are raised tenfold. If the CTA is linked to the steps needed to build a website, the reader is not likely to use it.

Pithily put, a site user will access content offer pertinent to the issue explained on the page more often than non-related content. Relevancy is the key to unlocking a great user experience.

  • Strategic Exit Offers

Though it is true that consumers find exit intent offers intrusive, they are a valuable tool for building robust websites. The trick is to include pop-ups on pages that have shown a low level of conversion. Again, use the pop to offer information that is connected to the page at hand. Furthermore, do not ask for long-winded details. A brief exit intent that is easily actionable is the best principle to driving traffic.

The Ultimate Goal

The aim of a wordpress website development services is to increase traffic and landing pages are the chief element of it. A well-designed landing page is a lead-generation machine. It has content that the user wants to have; it allows actions to be taken and is free of all distracting factors.

Therefore, businesses need to take every step and implement all tactics (within their power) to build high-traffic pages. If a site fails to do, it fails to retain old and potential customers. The effect could be as massive as one lead per month turning into hundreds every 30 days.

A parting tip is to always remember that for every company, service or product a good website will have different elements as their end users differ. The goal is to communicate to that specific target audience and not the public as a whole.