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Timeless Masterpiece – BlitzWolf BW-VR3

Timeless Masterpiece – BlitzWolf BW-VR3

VR glasses have set a benchmark in the way users experience the virtual world. These products have introduced a new dimension in the field of gaming, movies and simulations. There are several companies which manufacture the VR headsets, leading the pack is Blitzwolf which presents you their revolutionary product the BlitzWolf BW-VR3. This VR headset transforms the virtual reality experience so real that users will love to their core.

External built & quality: The product is made of plastic like any other major makes but the headset is very sturdy and user friendly. The headset is of the right weight as the user can be very comfortable during use. Interestingly there is airflow facility through the curve without it sacrificing the fine fit on the face.There is a feature available for pupil zoom adjustment which makes the product more attractive during use. It has provisions for ear phones to enhance the experience. It is compatible for screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 6.3 inches.The phones do fit very easily and can be taken off very easily. The straps of the device are soft and comfortable. The lenses on the device are very clear. It has an 18 months manufacturing warranty. For users with glasses this device is a boon as each eye’s focus can be calibrated separately by a wheel situated at the top of the device which is very easy to use. It fits perfectly with almost all phones in the market including Apple, Samsung, etc. There is a rubber pad which supports the phones in its case which protects the phone from getting stressed by the pressure like other VR devices in the market.

Movies and Games: The movie watching experience has an all new level of VR sense to it as they appear so real in this headset. Horror movies have never been so scary like the HouseGuest, Insidious. Coming to games the users can have a blast while playing them as the graphics are well synchronized with the user head movements and all VR apps are well compatible to this headset like the Cardboard, expeditions, Full dive VR and Google Street View.

1) Inexpensive but sophisticated
2) Good service support from Blitzwolf
3) Amazing user experience

1) Only available in black color

Generally speaking, this product is excellent and wonderful that you can have a try! I’ m sure that you will love it!