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Oracle SQL Certification: 1Z0-007 or 1Z0-051?

Oracle SQL Certification: 1Z0-007 or 1Z0-051?

In terms of information protected and prerequisites satisfied for Oracle certifications, these two tests are nearly identical. It is no surprise that the two deliver a important sum of confusion and questions from candidates trying to decide which they should acquire. In this report, I will focus on the two assessments and position out the motives why you could possibly select 1 over the other.

Possibly of these assessments will satisfy the SQL need for the “Oracle PL/SQL Developer Qualified Associate” or “Oracle Databases 11g Administrator Qualified Affiliate” tracks. DBA and Developer candidates ought to either just take one particular of these two checks or a 3rd test possibility: “1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Qualified”. The SQL Pro take a look at is noticeably additional tough than possibly 1Z0-007 or 1Z0-051. It is a viable selection to satisfy the SQL prerequisite, but calls for considerably better expertise of Oracle SQL. In this write-up I am going to deal just with the two SQL fundamentals tests.

The discrepancies between the two checks can be summarized in two words and phrases, age and material. A two-word summary isn’t really seriously beneficial to you in earning a choice, having said that, so I am going to break it out a bit even more than that.

The 1Z0-007 examination was composed towards Oracle 9i as the identify suggests. Oracle 10G was unveiled in 2004, and Oracle 11G in 2007. Though Oracle Corporation has not delivered a launch day for the 12c version of the database, it can be liable to be some time fairly before long. 1Z0-007 has by no means been up-to-date for newer releases and has a reasonable opportunity of becoming retired shortly. In a person feeling retirement of the check does not matter, as Oracle certifications do not expire. My very first DBA certification was in Oracle 7.3, for case in point. That certification is still not expired. Even so, it is also no for a longer time relevant since no one particular is applying Oracle 7.3. In that context, acquiring the 9i edition of the check indicates that your SQL certification has a head begin on getting to be irrelevant. By contrast, 1Z0-051 was composed specially for Oracle 11G. Due to the fact it is about eight years newer than the 9i variation, this take a look at is not likely to be retired for numerous many years to appear.

Written content:
The 9i take a look at has forty-two topics in contrast to forty-just one for 11G. Of people, 30-4 matters are either identical involving the two or equivalent. In a person scenario a solitary subject in 9i is split into two topics for 11G. Of the 8 subjects in 9i that do not exist in 11G, a few are on iSQL*Furthermore. This software was eradicated in the present-day release of Oracle. 4 of the other 5 subjects not in the 11G examination are for minor topics that were consolidated into broader issue spots in the 11G exam. For case in point, ‘Describe a view’ became element of the subject “Generate very simple and elaborate views”. The previous of the eight matters was moved to the SQL Qualified check.

There are six subject areas in the 11G test that are not in the 9i one. Of those people, three contain working with the Established operators (UNION, INTERSECT, MINUS) One more of the topics is with regards to the use of conditional operators in SQL (Case and DECODE). Just one of the matters is about queries that deliver Cartesian products and solutions. The ultimate matter is on the Oracle table construction. All of these are valuable additions to the SQL fundamentals exam.

When the two tests have about 80% commonality in written content coated, of the 20% that is distinct, the 1Z0-051 exam beats 1Z0-007 fingers-down when it will come to the relevance of the data. Except if you have a very very good reason for picking out the 9i variation, I can’t picture selecting it about the 11G test. If you are extremely common with Oracle 9i and are relaxed employing iSQL plus, then I can see potentially picking the more mature model. Even so, if you are coming at Oracle SQL cold, then I strongly endorse pursuing the newer version of the SQL Fundamentals test. Whichever one particular you choose, fantastic luck on the examination.