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NSE5 Research Guides

NSE5 Research Guides

Question: 1

What output profiles can you confine for report function notifications? (Opt for two)

B. Forward to one more FortiAnaiyzer machine
C. Add to a server
D. E mail

Solution: C, D

Question: 2

Which statements are genuine pertaining to written content archiving, also identified as Details Leak Prevention (DLP) archiving? (Opt for two)

A. Enables entire and summary archiving
B. It is configured globally for all guidelines.
C. The default actions is to do complete archiving.
D. The DLP motor examines e-mail, FTP, NNTP, and web website traffic.

Solution: A, D

Issue: 3

Provided the Antivirus and IPS update service is enabled, and the FortiGuard settings as demonstrated in the show. The ideal conduct is for managed equipment to use public servers for these updates need to FortiManager grow to be unreachable, which is not the case with the latest configuration. What two actions are essential to proper this? (Decide on two)

A. Adjust the server override manner from rigid to loose.
B. Transform the pat from 8890 to 443 n the Use Override Server Tackle for FortiGate/FortiMail options.
C. Uncheck the possibility Use Override Server Deal with for FortiGate/FortiMail.
D. Modify the IP address to a pubic FDS server and pat to 443 n the Use Override Server Deal with for FortiGate/FortiMail settings.

Reply: A, C

Dilemma: 4

What remote authentication servers can you configure to validate your FortiAnalyzer administrator logons? (Choose 3)

B. Area

Remedy: A, C, E

Dilemma: 5

Which two statements are right relating to synchronization among principal and secondary gadgets in a FortManager HA duster? (Pick two)

A. Al unit configurations ncbdng international databases are synchrorized in the HA cluster,
B. FortiGuard databases are downloaded separately by each individual cluster system.
C. FortiGuard databases are downloaded by the primary FortManager device and then synchronized with al secondary products.
D. Community logs and log configuration configurations are synchronized in the HA cluster.

Response: A, B

Question: 6

Workflow manner introduces which new permissions for Super_Admin administrative consumers?

A. Self-approval, Approval, Reject
B. Self-disapproval, Acceptance, Accept
C. Acceptance, Self-acceptance, Change Notification
D. Adjust Notification, Self-disapproval, Submit

Answer: C

Query: 7

Which two statements are correct with regards to header and footer guidelines? (Select two)

A. Header and footer guidelines can only be made h the root ADOM.
B. Header and footer policies can only be made in the world-wide ADOM.
C. Header and footer policies are developed in coverage packages and assigned to ADOM policy offers.
D. Header and footer procedures can be modified h the assigned ADOM coverage deal.

Reply: B, C

Question: 8

What two statements are accurate concerning administrative people and accounts? (Decide on two)

A. Administrative user accounts can exist domestically or remotely.
B. Administrative person login details is accessible to all administrators by means of the World wide web-based
C. Administrative end users have to be assigned an administrative profile.
D. Administrative user access is limited by administrative profiles only.

Respond to: A, C

Dilemma: 9

What statement accurately compares FortiManager physical and digital appliances?

A. Physical and digital FortiManger appliances may possibly mange unrestricted units and have unrestricted storage.
B. Bodily and digital FortiManger appliances use licenses to improve managed gadget and storage capacity limitations.
C. Bodily and virtual FortiManger appliances have unrestricted day-to-day logging price.
D. Bodily and digital FortiManger appliances use model varieties and licenses respectively, to differentiate managed gadget and storage ability limits.

Answer: D

Dilemma: 10

What is the intent of locking an ADOM revision?

A. To prevent even more variations from Unit Manager,
B. To disable revision heritage.
C. To reduce car deletion.
D. To lock the Plan and Objects tab.

Answer: C

Issue: 11

Which two statements describe a “modified” system settings’ position in the Configuration and Set up Position widget of a managed FortiGate unit?

A. Configuration changes were being manufactured directly on the managed gadget,
B. Configuration improvements ended up produced from Device Imager for a managed FortiGate e system.
C. Confutation improvements were being instated to a managed FortiGate device.
D. Confutation adjustments in Gadget Manager no extended math the hottest revision in the device’s revision record.

Solution: B

Query: 12

What impact do administrative domains (ADCMs) have on report options? (Opt for two)

A. Hone. ADOMs simply cannot be made use of with reports.
B. Studies must be configured with (her have ADOM.
C. Chart Library, Macro Library, Dataset Library, and Output Profile become ADOM- precise.
D. Dataset Library results in being world for al ADOMs.

Answer: B, C

Query: 13

What statements are true concerning disk log quota? (Select two)

A. The FortiAnalyzer stops logging at the time the disk log quota is fulfilled.
B. The FortiAnalyzer routinely sets the disk log quota based on the product.
C. The FortiAnalyzer can overwrite the oldest logs or halt logging when the disk log quota is achieved.
D. The FortiAnalyzer disk log quota is configurable, but has a minimum o 100mb a optimum based on the reserved process room.

Solution: C, D

Dilemma: 14

Which ports are generally applied by FortWanager? (Pick out two)

A. TCP 541 for distant administration of a ForUGate device.
B. TCP 5199 HA heartbeat or synchronization (FortMaTager HA cluster).
C. TCP 703 HA heartbeat or synchronization (FortiManager HA duster).
D. TCP 514 for remote management of a FortiGate urat.

Respond to: A, B

Dilemma: 15

What statements are true regarding FortiAnalyzer ‘s procedure of high availability (HA) dusters? (Pick out two)

A. FortiAnalyzer distinguishes diverse equipment by their serial variety.
B. FortiAnalyzer receives logs from d gadgets in a duster.
C. FortiAnalyzer receives bgs only from the primary device in the cluster.
D. FortiAnalyzer only needs to know (he serial range of the key system in the cluster-it automaticaly discovers the other devices.

Respond to: A, B

Problem: 16

If RAID is not supported, what are other styles of backup mechanisms (ie.methods to maintain your log details in the party of disk failure, deletion, or corruption?(Pick three)

A. Backing up logs through the Internet-based manager or CLI.
B. Forwarding logs a syslog server.
C. Uplaoding logs to an FTP, SFTP, or SCP server.
D. Archiving logs.
E. Enabling comprehensive archiving.

Remedy: A, B, C

Issue: 17

Which assertion effectively names the Administrative Domains modes supported on FortiManager?

A. Ordinary and Analyzer
B. Backup and Analyzer
C. Usual, Backup, and Collector
D. Regular and Backup,

Answer: D

Query: 18

Which tabs are obtainable on the FortiManger Website-based manager? (Choose two)

A. Unit Manager
B. Coverage & Objects
C. FortiGate
D. Database

Respond to: A, B

Question: 19

What are the functioning modes of FortiAnalyzer? (Decide on two)

A. Standalone
B. Manager
C. Analyzer
D. Collector

Respond to: C, D

Question: 20

What are 3 various procedures you can make use of to deliver celebration notifications when an event takes place that matches a configured that matches a configured occasion handler?

A. Email
E. Syslog

Solution: A, C, E

Problem: 21

What is ‘hot swapping’?

A. Sizzling swapping suggests administrators can confine FortiAnalyzer to generate to all tricky machine in buy to make the array fault tolerant.
B. Sizzling swapping signifies directors can substitute a failed disk on devices that aid software RAID although the machine is still functioning.
C. Warm swapping implies directors can ensue the parity facts of a redundant travel is legitimate whilst the product is continue to working.
D. Scorching swapping indicates administrators can replace a fated d* on devices that guidance hardware RAID although the unit is nonetheless operating.

Response: D

Issue: 22

Refer to the exhibit. What does the clock icon denote beside the Bandwidth and Software Report.

A. It is a tailor made report.
B. It is an imparted report from either a different FortiAnalyzer device or a diverse (but supported) ADOM.
C. It is h the system of producing.
D. It is a scheduled report.

Respond to: D