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Monitor CPU Temperature to Avoid Meltdown

Monitor CPU Temperature to Avoid Meltdown

Computer overheating is something that could be harmful to your PC. Although today most new computers are installed with both hardware and software devices to protect this from actually taking place, yet it is a frequent occurrence. This happens mainly due to very high powered video cards installed for intense gaming, or for online movie watching. It can also be because of faster CPU speeds and even something known as over-clocking. It is therefore essential to monitor CPU temperature. Certain things must be looked into as the cause of overheating.

Keep a keen look over the following:

*Computer shuts down and restarts suddenly in the course of a game.
*The PC crashes down very often.
*Computer gets locked up all of a sudden.
*Programs which used to run faster earlier, runs slowly.
*You must keep an ear on the sounds made by the fans inside the CPU. See whether or not they sound normal.

Normally the CPU temperature starts to rise as the computer is used continuously. The heat begins increase and causes overheating in due course. If it is a temperate climate where you live and have no sufficient cooling in the work area, this can also speed up the production of excessive heat within the PC.

As you can guess, high CPU temperatures causing overheating can also cause hardware failure. In the worst case, it could even damage the motherboard. This can happen even if the computers are installed with system restart software installed.

If CPU temperatures seem to be very high, it’s the high time that you start monitoring CPU temperatures before it turns out to be damaging. You might take some measures to lessen this. A straightforward measure would be to open one side of the CPU and let air flow in. The heat sink in the processor could also be added or replaced with a better one. Daily dusting of the CPU also helps to keep temperatures from accelerating. Finally, see to it that the machine is in a cool place and there is proper ventilation.