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Making Websites Interactive Using Adobe Flex

Making Websites Interactive Using Adobe Flex

It is no secret that Flash has been putting the art and science of web design on steroids in recent years. What used to be little more than a collection of text and low-quality images with hyper links has become a form rich, interactive, and comprehensive medium featuring high-quality video, games, web-based software tools and more. Of course, part of the driving force behind much of this transformation of the World Wide Web is Adobe Flex.

Based on the old and established Macromedia Flash technology, Adobe Flex was introduced to the world in 2004, and has only gotten better since then. This application development tool makes it possible to create RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) that attract visitors to websites, keep them engaged, and bring them back again and again. What developers learn in an Adobe Flex class is how to create the type of interactive applications that today’s more sophisticated web surfers expect and demand. In addition, the Adobe Flex course shows the modern web developer how to make these applications fully compatible with any platform and web browser.

This kind of Adobe course content is great news for those who own and operate their own web sites. One of the most popular sites that has taken advantage of the expertise of those who have learned in an Adobe Flex class is WarGear.net, a favorite site for online gamers. On a more practical note, Abode Flex developers have been instrumental in helping Yahoo! Maps give competitors MapQuest and Google Maps a run for their money.

Closer to home, if you have ever been shopping for house paint online at Sherwin-Williams.com and experienced their online Color Visualizer, you have seen firsthand what the graduates of an Adobe Flex class are able to do. Yet another site that has made it possible for ordinary people to manage their finances online is Mint.com, which offers web-based tools free of charge – once again, thanks to the expertise gained in an Adobe flex class. Not only do people benefit from these web-based applications free of charge, the company makes a great deal of money through the leads generated – making it a “win-win” proposition for everyone.

The best part is that this Adobe development tool makes it very simple to make modifications and upgrades as needed, when needed. If you have experienced Flash, see for yourself how Adobe has expanded its capabilities and what this can do for you and your website.