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Kitchen Cabinetry – Kitchen Remodeling on a Shoestring Budget

Kitchen Cabinetry – Kitchen Remodeling on a Shoestring Budget

Kitchen remodeling can really add a modern feel to your kitchen. Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is a great start. Installing new cabinets can make you feel like you’ve bought a brand new kitchen. The great news is that kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of great ways to remodel on a budget.

Don’t Replace-Refinish

Over time, the finish starts to wear off on your cabinet doors. Naturally, you want it to look new and vibrant. The most common solution is to replace the cabinet doors, but there is a cheaper and easier way. You can refinish your cabinet doors and save loads of cash.

Refinishing is simply touching up the cabinet door and maybe applying a new coat of paint. You can hire a professional to refinish your cabinet doors, or you can take a crack at doing it yourself. It involves removing the doors, sanding the edges to make them smooth, cleaning and applying a finish that you can buy at your local hardware store. If you’re not up to the job yourself, you can always hire someone to do it. It’s a small job, so it shouldn’t cost too much.

Give Your Cabinets A New Face

Another cheap way to remodel your old cupboards is to reface them. This is a little costlier than refinishing, but it still isn’t nearly as much as getting new cabinet doors.

Refacing means replacing all the cabinet hardware, such as hinges and bolts, and applying a wood veneer to the face of the cupboards. It’s amazing how changing the hardware can give the cupboards a new look. The metal parts get rusted and creaky over the years, and buying new stuff from the hardware store costs just pennies.

The wood veneer gives the cabinet a new shine without replacing anything. You can buy wood veneer at your local hardware store. Ask the staff for a recommendation on what they think is best.

Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets

If you’d like to replace the cabinet doors but want to save money on having them installed, you can get ready-to-assemble (RTA) cupboards. These are designed to be a piece of cake for anybody to install themselves. Just follow the directions and you will have new cabinets in no time.

You can also buy stock cupboards. These are cheaper than custom made ones. Instead of being made exactly to your kitchen’s specifications, they come with filler gaps. You can set the cabinets where you want them, and use the gaps to fill in the extra space.

When replacing cupboards, it is a general rule that you get what you pay for. Of course, you want to remodel cheaply, but if it doesn’t look good, there’s no point at all. Before you start shopping for replacement cabinets, decide exactly how much you want to spend, and don’t compromise on style or quality.

Most people don’t realize how much the cabinets say about a kitchen. It really is the cabinetry that gives each kitchen its own special feel, and sets the mood for the whole room. Don’t economize too much on cabinets, and don’t take on a job that’s too big for you to handle. If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, call the professionals and have them do it for you.