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Increase Traffic Using Internet Marketing Programs

Increase Traffic Using Internet Marketing Programs

As a speaker, publisher or consultant there are several strategies to increase traffic to your website by using internet marketing programs for better results of gaining, and keeping, consumers.These programs will help you and your products reach more visitors, strengthening leads and eventually sales. According to HubSpot, their landing pages speak directly to your visitors, which results with higher conversions on products, fans and more importantly, on your wealth.

As we break down the selected internet marketing programs, we’ll also share the benefits of these services and how you can generate income designing sales pages for yourself, your book or your product.

Take notes as we reveal the meaning of landing pages and benefits to help increase traffic to your website.

Successful speakers, publishers and consultants are great at what they do, however marketing products and brands can get a little out of league, so utilize this advice and increase traffic using internet marketing programs we selected to help generate higher traffic results as you improve landing and sales pages.

Landing pages are any pages on a website that draw traffic specifically to prompt a certain action or result. Those landing pages can be very beneficial to gain and keep an audience, however they could also steer away consumers and sales if they’re not strategically used and maintained.

According to Unbounce.com a good landing page begins by eliminating the “Submit” button and replacing it with a personalized “sign up” form box. Creating this sign up box specific to consumers and viewers will draw in the audience you desire for your database. The personalized touches to your “sign up” form will help improve and encourage people to complete the information you want, if they know they will benefit or gain something in return. For example your form can read “Submit Your Email HERE to receive exclusive marketing tips”. Those who signup now know that when they enter their information they will be receiving marketing tips that are beneficial to them and know what to expect after entering their email.

As a reminder, when you add this personalized feature to your form make sure the requested information correlates to the content on the current page. When your form reads, “Register for this FREE event”, make sure there is mention of the event earlier on this page and that there is in fact an event to register for and not just a false advertisement to gain email addresses.


The landing pages at HubSpot deliver inbound experiences that are relevant, helpful and personalized to clients market. HubSpot is on a mission to make the world more inbound, one business transformation after another. Use their services to direct your audience using CRM integration and A/B testing for better results when reaching your target market of individuals who enjoy your specific industry or style of writing.

Optimize Press

Creating sales pages, converting landing pages and developing membership portals are what Optimize Press is best known for when it comes to internet marketing software programs. Choose from a variety of templates, functions and plugins to customize your page including order boxes, testimonial blocks, video & audio players.

Using Optimize Press as a public speaker can help gain you fans and possibly speaking events by implementing this plugin on your website. This marketing software is beneficial to advertise your success with other clients or fans, showcasing to other events or consumers what others have to say about you and your talents on your website’s testimonial plugin. Seeing your success with others can lead to more speaking opportunities based off your excellent reviews.

Select from their core, publisher or pro package and begin marketing your products or services today!


AWeber offers web-based tools to help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through emails marketing. The flexibility of their designs and the ability to adjust colors that coordinate with your website while allowing endless edits and creations is a really great bonus to customize emails specific to an upcoming campaign or a landing page. Basically you can go into AWeber every week and customize a different email to send out specific to the dates, events or books being released.

Try out this email marketing program and the first month will only cost you $1.

Now that you have the information on these internet marketing programs to generate high traffic, it’s time to develop your sales and landing pages to begin growing your audience and wealth today!