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How to Keep Track of Your Hypnosis Clients As a Hypnotherapist

How to Keep Track of Your Hypnosis Clients As a Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists who keep good records provide quality care and do not need to rely on their memory to recall details of their patients’ lives and the treatment provided. But what is the best way to keep track of the hypnotherapy clients? Do you prefer taking notes about your clients’ issues in an old-fashioned way or have you already discovered better ways to plan your sessions effectively? Are you still using pen and paper? Yes, that’s the old-fashioned way. It is probably not that easy to find what you are looking for prior to the session, if you’re still using pen and paper to keep records of your hypnotherapy sessions.

There are many software products designed to help psychotherapists to keep track of their session notes in a more effective and easy way however “hypnotherapy” is a niche market and a standard CRM software would not be as helpful as a software specifically designed for hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapists really need to forget about notebooks, folders, papers and drawers, to have more time for the actual therapy planning. Client management software products would help the therapist in many ways. As a hypnotherapist, if you use a special software for record keeping, then you can find everything you need for your practice, on one screen. Getting organized with all the tools which such software provides would be easier. It is a fact that a CRM software is essential for any private practice but it’s quite hard to find such products specifically designed for hypnotherapists.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a method to keep track of your clients is that you have to make sure your client information is well protected against theft. Confidentiality is the undisputed cornerstone of the therapeutic process. You wouldn’t want your precious client database to be lost or stolen, especially if you have celebrity clients right? It is a good idea to use a software which does all the work offline so that the internet hackers can not reach your client database through internet. A password protected software should be preferred so that the clients’ personal information remains perfectly safe with the hypnotherapist. If you need a practical tool which would help you to manage all the data about your hypnotherapy practice in one place in an easy, quick and reliable fashion, there aren’t much choices in the market but there are a few promising software products specifically designed for hypnotherapists.