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Hadoop Administration Training – An Insight

Hadoop Administration Training – An Insight

With cluster and cloud computing dominating the scenes of high performance computing, many people are turning to get trained and keep abreast with the latest trending technologies. Hadoop is one hot piece of cake that has been widely used. Owing to this, there is a massive need for Hadoop Administrators. There are many vendors who offer Hadoop administration training.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is an open source software platform for handling large amounts of data. It has been developed and managed by Apache software foundation with many other external developers who contribute to it.

So, mainly, it can store huge or big data in computers ranging from one single server to a cluster of individual servers. Data processing software is installed on each and every computer that belongs to the cluster and they are used to perform data processing activities.

Hadoop works in such a way that, each of the computers in a cluster can individually and independently perform the data processing on the data. In case of any hardware or network failure in the cluster can be compensated by other computers on the cluster.

This independent nature of the computers in the cluster makes it relatively easy to scale up or down the cluster. In addition, rather than relying on hardware to provide the best performance, the computers on the cluster help in providing competent performance.

What is Hadoop Administration?

When things operate in a group, we need a supervisor. In computer terms, the supervisor is called the administrator. This administrator or admin is responsible for the maintenance of the computers in the cluster. Who a database administrator or a DBA is to a database is analogous to Hadoop administrators and Hadoop clusters.

The administrator is responsible for the performance and availability of the computers on the cluster. Apart from this, the data present in the system and the jobs that run in it are also the administrator’s responsibility. He/she will be required to take on tasks like configuration, monitoring, backing up, trouble shooting, upgrades, deployment, job management etc,.

Hadoop Administration training is offered in classrooms as well as online.


Prior knowledge of Hadoop would be good though it is not mandatory with most training institutes. You are required to have prior knowledge on administration of Linux servers.

Skill set Acquired from training

The skills taught are divided into three categories, foundation, and implementation and advanced. When learning skills under foundation, you would learn the basics of Apache Hadoop and HDFS which is the file system of Hadoop. You would also learn why you would need Hadoop. Along with this, you will learn MapReduce and other technologies from which Hadoop evolved.

When it comes to the implementation part, you would learn how to plan cluster size, deploy and configure a cluster, learn a few monitoring aspects and tools, Service and log management along with audits and alerts, backup.

For advanced training, you would cover basics of troubleshooting, diagnostics and recovery, securing the platform and optimizing the performance of the Hadoop cluster.

After the completion of the course, you could take up a certification program offered by big brands to have an accredited certificate to your credit.