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Garden Hose – The Humble Hose, A Gardener’s Best Friend

Garden Hose – The Humble Hose, A Gardener’s Best Friend

The garden hose is one of the most useful items in a garden. It is the one thing that most gardeners can not do without. Imagine having to water the long rows of plants without a hose and you will get an idea about how useful it is and how very much neglected it is in terms of importance. We don’t pay much importance to it as long as it is in good order and get worked about it when it gets tangled or punctured.

Like any other garden tool or device needs the garden hose has to be stored properly for re-use. It should be wound properly on a hose reel or station. Sharp and metallic objects can damage the hose, so be extra careful when in contact with such objects. Also, it should be left for too long exposed to the sun as it can cause the hose to expand or get damaged in the heat. Once the watering is done it should be reeled in and stored in its proper place.

There are dozens of storage options for these pipes which you will find in any hardware store. Large pot holders, cabinets for hose storage, storage stations, reels are just a few ways to store the hose. You can buy them off the shelf at the local hardware store or at any garden supplies mart. Another option is to design one your self that meets your requirements and occupies a compact space. Not all gardens can accommodate a huge storage shelf for the garden hose. So, something small, compact and that fits in with the garden decor can be designed and fabricated.

There are several different types of watering pipes to choose from like coiled garden hoses, spring type hoses and flat hose. Each has its pros and cons and each is suitable for a variety of tasks. Some are easy to store, some are easy to operate, some are easy to wind and rewind. Which option you choose depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some people hate the prospect of winding and re-winding their garden hose. So, for them the new coiled spring hose is a great boon. Others, don’t mind the daily routine of watering and storing the hose. For each person’s needs there is hose that meets his requirements. If you don’t find what you are looking for in your local stores then get online and research it online. You will be surprised by the options available in garden hoses.