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Frozen Wine Slush Drinks

Frozen Wine Slush Drinks

About the previous several several years, wine slushies (frozen wine slush beverages) have been getting enormous acceptance all across the country. The mixture of wine, fruit flavors, sugar, and other from time to time unique components mix to create a tantalizing taste. Nevertheless, when you freeze this concoction, that’s when your tongue throws a party for your mouth. Freezing it, or building it in a blender, will make all the big difference. Refreshing over and above description.

There are two methods you can go about building wine slushies. A person is to find a very good recipe, acquire all of the ingredients and make it from scratch.

The other way is to buy a dry wine slush mix that you just include your most loved wine (any kind of wine, even champagne) and drinking water to. You just mix it up all together and freeze it. That’s all there is to it.

Let’s examine choice range a single: Here are some recipes for wine slushies to make from scratch.


1 (12 oz.) frozen orange juice

1 (48 oz.) Hawaiian punch

Juice of 2 lemons

1/2 c. sugar

1 bottle wine

Stir and freeze. Use 1/2 of 7-Up and 1/2 slush.


2 c. sugar and 1 c. h2o, boiled, simmered 10 minutes and cooled

1 (12 oz.) orange juice focus

1 (12 oz.) lemonade concentrate

2 c. drinking water

1/2 gallon Hearty Burgundy

Blend and freeze. To serve: Make individual glasses. Fill glass 50 % with frozen combination and half 7-Up.


4 (6 oz.) cans frozen tangerine or orange juice focus

2 pt. pineapple sherbet

3 c. water

Orange, lemon, or lime slices or wedges

Dry white wine, champagne, rum, vodka, glowing water or lemon-lime carbonated beverage, chilled

Thaw focus a bit stir sherbet to soften. Stir concentrate and water into sherbet. Freeze 5 several hours. Spoon 2 tablespoons slush into glass pour in alternative of beverage. Garnish with fruit slice. would make 9 1/2 cups slush or about 60 to 75 servings.


These are all delectable frozen wine beverages, nonetheless, they are costly because of all of the a lot of various elements you have to invest in. As well as, they call for a excursion to the retail store to purchase all of the elements. Some recipes are also a trouble to make. This will not say significantly for convenience.

Our following option is the dry wine slush blend. This solution gets rid of all of the negatives outlined previously mentioned. As a manufacturer of a dry wine slush combine myself, I can tell you that men and women are buying these mixes for a assortment of causes.

1st, they are super convenient. All you require is the blend and your preferred wine. You just increase wine and drinking water to the combine, and stir it up until the mix is thoroughly dissolved. Adhere it in the freezer for 4 to 8 several hours, or right away. Choose it out and use a spoon to stir it all up to the good regularity and provide.

No measuring out sugar, no slicing lemons or limes, no scooping sherbet, no simmering water and sugar on the stove, etcetera. You just stir up the wine and h2o with the mix and you happen to be performed. That’s comfort.

Advantage is just not all that wine slush mixes have to present. No matter how hassle-free a item is, if it doesn’t taste superior – it is really no very good. The actuality that millions of baggage of wine slush blend are sold and enjoyed every year speaks for by itself. If it didn’t taste great, no one particular would buy it. It of course preferences excellent. Extremely superior.

If you have any remaining around or if some melts, just adhere it back again in the freezer and it will be just as very good subsequent time. This is not generally true with some of your “from scratch” recipes. It will keep frozen in your freezer for at minimum 9 months and flavor like you created it final night time. Right before you make up a batch, it will continue to be in your cupboard just wonderful for a full 12 months.

Flexibility will come into engage in here also. The mixes don’t will need any specified type of wine. It normally takes on the profile of any type of wine you use, even champagne. Even so, you may possibly be astonished that a lot of, lots of people purchase it since you can use it for a non-alcoholic slush combine. You can use it with non-alcoholic wine, ginger ale, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, apple juice, grape juice and glowing juices. Moms appreciate this for the kids.

Yet another nice element of some of the wine slush mixes is that they also appear in quite, embellished present bags. These make for excellent hostess presents, birthday items, Xmas items, and many others. A bag or two of the wine slush combine with a bottle of wine can make for a ideal present for any celebration. Some companies even have other wine connected things this sort of as wine charms, flattened, embellished wine bottles, wine dip mixes, and so forth that you can insert to make an total custom made wine themed gift basket.

Irrespective of whether you pick choice number a single or the dry mixes, wine slushies are so mouth watering and right here to stay. Get pleasure from!