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Free and Easy Way to Split Lotus Notes Large NSF Database Files Into Multiple Smaller Files

Free and Easy Way to Split Lotus Notes Large NSF Database Files Into Multiple Smaller Files

There are many IBM Lotus Notes users which are fed up with large size NSF files. It is very difficult to manage these files as sometimes it results in file corruption. So, it is very necessary to manage properly these large-sized files.

What are the NSF files?

NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility. It is basically a file format that is used in IBM Lotus Notes database. These files store all your emails, contacts, to do lists and many more. So it is very important to manage these files as a small corruption of these files can lead to total disruption of your data.

How to manage NSF files?

As Lotus Notes offer multiple services like storage of your entire database, this leads to high data usage and increase in the size of NSF files. With an increase in the size of these files which are very prone to corruption, our system starts lagging and becomes slow.

To overcome these problems, it is necessary to split all these large-sized files to multiple small-sized files.

How to split archives in Lotus Notes?

You can split the archived large-sized files into multiple files in two ways which are as-

1. Manual procedure-

You can take the help of IBM Notes client software, which has an inbuilt feature which let users to transfer the old data from on NSF database to another. Unfortunately, this feature might not help you to split NSF file but it can help you to decrease or compress the actual size of your file.

However, the manual method has certain limitations as it is slow and may result in data loss.

2. Using professional tool-

As told earlier that manual procedure is not that much effective for splitting these files, You should use an NSF Split Tool to split these large-sized files. The NSF Split tool quickly divides large NSF file into small files without any data loss. It has a self descriptive interface, user do not need any prior technical knowledge to split a NSF file. In addition to it, you can also split your mailbox, archive and contacts into manageable sizes. The NSF splitter is easy to use, reliable with an independent saving feature making it one of the most advanced tools to split lotus notes archive scripts.

Concluding words-

Coming to conclusion, I would recommend using a NSF split tool for the safe splitting of lotus notes files. However, you can use both the ways but the manual method has certain limitations and is a time-consuming process.