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Distinctions Between THHN Wire UF-B and Service Entrance Cable

Distinctions Between THHN Wire UF-B and Service Entrance Cable

Electrical Wire

There is all different forms of electrical wiring for different apps. We will break it down for you piece by piece. Most common terms for copper electrical wire would be constructing wire, THHN /THWN, Romex wire, UF-B Cable and Variety SE (assistance entrance cable). All of these copper wires and cables have their have pros and drawbacks based on the specific wiring application. Every 1 will be explained in extra detail under. Creating Wire is just an additional wide phrase made use of in the exact way as electrical wire. Given that it really is utilised mainly in the building / design area its grow to be a popular time period.


THHN / THWN-2 copper electrical wire is the most fundamental kind of electrical wire which is utilized in houses, buildings and regulate circuits not exceeding 600 Volts. All of our THHN electrical wire is dual rated with THWN-2 simply because the THWN is so well known that South Wire (Largest Electrical wire company in the United states) resolved to set the two rankings on all their THHN making wire. It is composed of comfortable drawn bare copper strands, included with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation and a nylon coating for effortless installation in cable tray. The 18 awg by 10 awg appear in stranded or stable copper. The stranded wire is far more adaptable, even though the stable wire is less difficult to run / snake through tough spots.

Much more particularly, THHN wire is run through houses and structures to light switches, electrical stores and gentle fixtures. The more compact gauge measurements of THHN is most usually bought in 500′ spools which a ton of suppliers is not going to slash. WesBell Electronics will lower the #18 – #10 to 100′ spools and reduce the #8 – 1000 mcm per foot! That’s appropriate, you can invest in 1 foot of wire if wanted! WesBell understands that each software is distinctive and will not want contractors to have to suffer surplus copper wire. When adding that into the the resale cost it could price tag you the task! Invest in correct lengths, get exact offers and you should not have any more copper at the conclude of it! Copper has jumped back up to around $2.00/lb, so just about every foot of wire counts!

Romex Wire

Romex copper electrical wires and cables are manufactured up of numerous THHN / THWN wires (conductors). Illustration Romex 12/2 is 2 THHN wires and a bare uninsulated ground wire lined with an all round PVC jacket. This way electrical contractors only have to run a person bulk wire as a substitute of possibly managing 3 independent wires or independently running just about every wire. Romex wire is ONLY utilized for indoor applications. It has NO safety against dampness, fuel or solvents. It need to NOT be applied outside even if it is in cable tray.

UF-B Cable

UF-B (Underground Feeder) copper electrical wires and cables are a slight up grade from Romex wiring. It has the identical principle of THHN conductors wrapped with a jacket other than it is really a much more complicated jacket. The reward to UF-B Cable is that it can go outdoor and even instantly underground. You will find no require for conduit or cable tray and the value variance isn’t that major. If you have to have the cable to go outdoors at all make sure you get UF-B alternatively of Romex for the reason that it’s not well worth the trouble of replacing the Romex down the highway around anything roughly 10-15% increased in cost.

Company Entrance Cable Kind SE

Often you will see an “R” (SER) or a “U” (SEU) just after the Variety SE. The R stands for round (additional typical) and the U stands for flat. Southwire Type SE electrical cable, service entrance cable is mainly applied to convey electricity from the services fall to the meter foundation and from the meter foundation to the distribution panel board even so, the cable could be employed in all apps where by Form SE cable is permitted. SER may perhaps be utilized in damp or dry destinations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C. Voltage rating is 600 volts. Southwire Style SE cable is produced with daylight resistant Style XHHW-2 conductors or Sort THHN/THWN conductors.

Copper conductors are annealed (delicate) copper. Cable assembly in addition reinforcement tape are jacketed with sunlight resistant grey polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Available as 1 conductor with a concentric ground, 2 conductor with a round or concentric floor, or 3 conductor with a bare floor. SE cable is jacketed with grey sunlight resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC).