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Daffodil DB: World wide web Database

Daffodil DB: World wide web Database

What is a Web Databases?

A internet database is a database for the world wide web. You can get obtain to your data through the world-wide-web from any place in the globe. Or, you can make a database pushed internet site by making use of these databases. A web database outlets significant sum of information in an organized structure that is quickly obtainable from scripting languages (like PHP).

In world-wide-web databases, modifications, like the types frequently utilized by e-commerce internet sites, for example, can be carried out without having any hassles .That can make the dense modifying of the html code obsolete. Recurring types of info, like get in touch with facts, can be produced instantly in your site through a web database.

Daffodil DB: A world wide web database

Daffodil DB is a J2EE-accredited, SQL-99 and JDBC criteria compliant Java RDBMS. It is the to start with java database which is appropriate with PHP. With the launch of PHP extension module, Daffodil DB has joined the select record of Java enabled internet databases.

Daffodil DB is an perfect for any one who is seeking for a net database. It can be embedded within any software and provides higher efficiency with minimal program source use – thereby striking the appropriate harmony between dimensions, features and functionality. At fewer than 3 MB, Daffodil DB is a little/compact database.

Daffodil DB can operate on pretty much any system as it supports all platforms for which a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is obtainable. These contain Home windows, Linux, Solaris and UNIX. With the assist of Daffodil DB, builders can create apps for any platform and these can be compiled and shipped on all other key platforms.


PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open up resource server-facet scripting language that is particularly suited for net growth and can be applied to generate dynamic internet content.

PHP scripts are embedded in just website internet pages together with HTML, identical to other world-wide-web scripting languages these as Microsoft’s ASP or Sunshine Microsystems’s JSP. Like ASP and JSP, PHP operates on the website server when a site is asked for by means of HTTP, rather than on the Internet browser or other client.

PHP lets you insert guidance into your Internet internet pages that your Website server software package (be it Apache, Private Website Server, or whatsoever) will execute in advance of sending these pages to a browser that requests them.

PHP is simple to use for world-wide-web growth mainly because it has been designed from the onset for the world wide web environment. PHP has many crafted-in capabilities that make world wide web programming less complicated, so that programmers can concentration on the logic of programming with out losing important improvement time.

PHP as a language has its personal way of doing issues, and at the identical time, has borrowed characteristics from other languages. But for several men and women, the primary reason for learning a scripting language like PHP is due to the fact of the conversation with databases it can provide. Furthermore, PHP is cross system i.e. it permits you to use/create your resolution on a number of OSs.

PHP is a single of the swiftest escalating server aspect scripting languages close to and you have to have to insert it to your present-day arsenal of Perl, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, VBScript, Java…

PHP and Daffodil DB: With each other…?

Daffodil has come up with a PHP extension module that makes Daffodil DB/A person$DB appropriate with PHP. It is a databases extension module driver that is required to function with Daffodil DB in PHP. This extension module uses the abilities of a Java databases and extends it to your web infrastructure.

By working with this comprehensive module, PHP developers can develop advanced info-driven net apps, owning Daffodil DB as a web databases, in a portion of the time and with minimized price tag.

PHP extension for Daffodil DB supplies a simple, still helpful usually means for connecting to Daffodil DB from in PHP. The JVM is produced using JNI invocation interface and almost everything operates in-course of action.

This PHP Extension module will increase open up Resource functions around Daffodil DB. Furthermore, open up Source stack -Linux, Apache, A person$DB, and PHP all being open up source goods, will give an top mixture to website advancement group.

PHP is platform independent, Daffodil DB is system unbiased. PHP is free so as Daffodil DB (open up source version).PHP is open supply Daffodil DB has an open resource version. So What about using the powers of two most promising systems, PHP and Daffodil DB, with each other…?

The abilities of Daffodil DB & PHP can make up what have to be the greatest mix for info-pushed Net web-sites on the world.

Customers can use PHP and the Daffodil DB databases to obtain/store info on the world wide web and incorporate it into their site. By utilizing PHP as a entrance-finish and Daffodil DB as a back again-stop website databases, people can gain from huge price savings on the licensing fees of business possibilities.

Here are some realistic examples where by PHP and Daffodil DB, utilized with each other, can do miracles

o Building a database pushed site

o Include, edit & delete Web web site material without applying HTML

o Banner Rotation

o Community forums
Aside from all earlier mentioned pointed out applications, there are some more parts wherever customers can use Daffodil DB-PHP ‘dynamic-duo’.

o Enhance the loading time of the web site

o Construct an ecommerce searching cart

o Instantly mail email on triggered functions

o Deal with file uploads making use of HTML kinds

o Establish a Web-centered file repository or picture gallery

o Make the most of sessions and cookies to keep track of web-site visitors

To know extra about PHP check out http://www.php.net

For much more details about Daffodil DB log on to http://www.daffodildb.com

Make sure you log on to http://cvs.php.web/co.php/pecl/daffodildb for a lot more information on PHP and Daffodil DB.

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