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Accounts Receivable Jobs for Business Accounting

Accounts Receivable Jobs for Business Accounting

Have you ever desired to work with numbers? If multitasking within an office setting, going through fine details and other accounting-related duties sound appealing, then looking into accounts receivable (AR) jobs can be a career move for you. Duties entailed in accounts receivable jobs are the receipt and posting of payments to some company’s account, generating as well as mailing invoices to clients, data entry, maintaining a collection record of overdue records, examining and making an aging report along with other tasks related to incoming money. Occasionally, AR jobs may include secretarial or clerical duties such as photocopying, reception duties and filing. Anyone who has an eye for details, capable of taking on multiple duties, like working in an office setting and may meet deadlines with no problem are good candidates for most AR jobs. A person does not need a four-year degree to obtain this jobs but vocational training or an Associate degree is helpful. These days, most employers prefer that their support staff has some formal education running a business procedure.

Working understanding of software applications is strongly desired too. Like most administrative support positions, the independent capability of using word processing and spreadsheet programs would be the core requirements for the majority of receivable jobs. Knowledge of databases is really a plus as well as having the ability to navigate the internet for research and relevant information. AR jobs are usually found in mid-to-large sized companies by having an on-site accounting or finance department.

The working hours are usually during normal business hours and depending on the company, may offer overtime with an as-needed basis. With respect to the nature of the business and also the duties involved. Accounts receivable jobs average $30,000 annually. Those with many years’ experience and/or a diploma can expect to make noticeably more per annum. Even in this economy, accounts receivable jobs are one of a few stable careers that don’t need a lot of formal educations.