Exelica spreadsheet reporting
No More Reformatting. No More Exporting.
Now you can get MS Excel compatible reports with active formulas from your Java application. Is there a better way to give business users what they want?

What is Exelica?
Exelica is a set of Java-based spreadsheet reporting tools designed to integrate with Java software applications. It provides a smart report-design process to produce clean MS Excel reports for business users.

The Need for Exelica
Its simple. Virtually everyone with a PC has Microsoft Excel skills. People are comfortable with MS Excel and they feel productive using it. Business users will move data from application reports into MS Excel whether this function is well supported or not. When reports fail to open cleanly in MS Excel people spend time reformatting; wasting money and risking manual errors.
Eliminate Reformatting Produce Interactive Reports Appeal to Business Users
Generate rich, precisely formatted, ready to print, spreadsheet reports without awkward exports or conversions.
Create reports with live numeric data and active formulas, instantly ready for further analysis. Interactive, extendible and easy to share in .xls format.
People want to include MS Excel in their forecasting, budgeting, planning and analysis. Exelica creates a very efficient, user-friendly connection between business applications and MS Excel.